Week of December 2-8, 2013
We have heard that winters in Nevada are not as bad as in Utah.  But this week it has snowed twice with frigid temperatures.  Tonight it will drop to -6.  It been hard to get around with snowy roads along with the bitter cold.  But we continiue to visit inactives and hope we can make a difference.

The highlight of the week was attending our first zone conference--actually Paul's first since 1962 in the Florida Mission.  Presided over by President and Sister Hermansen, the six hour meeting featured such sessions as 5 minute talks by missionaries, improvement on working with ward and stake leaders, teaching more effectively, how to jump start a car and so forth.  It was both inspiring and useful.  Lunch was provided by local sisters.  During that time President and Sister Hermansen gave a Christmas present to each elder and sister.

Saturday we were scheduled to attend an early morning breakfast held at the home of the local stake president, Dr. Joe Johnson.  He is, we are told , extremely missionary minded.  As a result every ward has good mission ward leaders, including ours.  Pres. Johnson cooks breakfast for the missionaries once a quarter.  It was cancelled because of a heavy overnight snowfall.

Saturday afternoon, however, we ventured out of our warm apartment to attend and help participate in a baptism--an older fellow in the ward.  His grandfather was an active member, he recalled.  The Elders, other Red Hill missionaries, had been teaching him when we got to the ward.  He will be a good member.

Sunday, the two extremely active youth, Michael and Kelly Moore, were in attendance in our class. They were certainly a disruption.  We are praying hard for inspiration about dealing with them.  Some of what we did was effective in keeping them in control but not all.  When they both come they play off of each other and neither one is reverent.  Everyone else was perfect.  We can see why prior teachers are run off.  It's hard to both teach and discipline.  It would be easy to quit trying.  Here is a picture of our ward house.  It is the most beautiful building in the whole area.

We are going to miss everyone at Christmas.  Holidays are probably the hardest times here.

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